Timișoara in the 70s-80s

Between quantity and quality

Architecture as a profession has been forced to operate in a difficult context throughout the years of dictatorship and isolation, in a fragile balance between the need for individual affirmation and standardized projects, which were increasingly present in the era. We focus on architect Vasile Oprișan's story, who, through his remarkable projects, contributed to maintaining the connections between Timișoara and the European cultural space and the contemporary architectural discourse.

Documentary film created within the Tururi de Arhitectură 2019 cultural project, financed by the Romanian Order of Architects, through the Architecture Stamp.

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Narator: Roxana Pătrulescu

Interview: Vasile Oprișan

Direction, camera and editing: Ovidiu Zimcea

Script: Victor Popovici

Producer: Roxana Pătrulescu

Assistant script editors: Sandra Andrei, Dan Alexandru Bunea, Roxana Pătrulescu

Research: Victor Popovici

Original soundtrack: Ovidiu Zimcea

Design: Alex Iliescu